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Volferda as a cell phone signal booster experienced manufacturer,we always looking for good dealers or distributors promote our cell phone signal booster in US market based on long term partnership while not only limited in Asia,some other species like Directional Antenna,Ceiling Dome Antenna,Wall Antenna,2-way or 3-way Power Splitter etc.
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About cooperation
We welcome any customer who is interested in our products and intend to purchase bulk quanlity cell phone signal booster from China factory or put OEM label for your own brand name and marketing in US.
About custom
Volferda is willing to mill custom made samples with different color shades or styles to our dealers' individule requirments while enjoy our best offer and long time special support to further cooperation.

-1. Provide The Best Solution For The Interruption Of Mobile Phone Calls

-2. Provide The Most Professional Product And Business Consulting

-3. Provide The Best Quality Products

-4. Provide The Best After-Sales Service

-5. We Wish To Be The Most Trustworthy Partner Or Best Friend With You

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